Written Reflections


God’s not Looking for Actors

A reflection written originally for our youth but applicable to ALL ages. This is a chance to share a call which reminds us that it isn’t about just what we do, but the manner and motive behind what we do. Look beyond the moment of what feels good, is mostly popular with your friends or even what might be easiest and give God the glory He deserves by being the difference maker who might just change other’s hearts in the process.


My Cross is Bigger than Your Cross…

For the first time in a long time, I wept as I sat in a room while working on a new project. The odd part is I didn’t cry because I was sad. Nothing directly hurt me, nor did I […]


My Cross is Bigger than Your Cross…

Big, small, wide, narrow, smooth or splintered, it doesn’t matter, a cross is a cross and everyone is carrying one. In working to understand how we help each other and solve the crisis which creates distance between us, we must empathize that every cross being carried by another cannot always be seen. If this is the case, it is impossible to understand the magnitude and size of the burden someone else is feeling by comparing it to your own hurts.


Just Released!

It’s finally here! The album I have been encouraging my wife to do for the last five years. “All I Ever Have to Be…” is a combination of Aimee’s vocals and reflections I offer as we transition from one theme to the next. A perfect blend to reflect and pray with, listen to in the car with the family or share with someone who is longing to encounter God in a familiar way through music.


Joy in Our Sacrifice…

The mere idea that you must sacrifice one thing to gain something else makes people skeptical and wary. Some might even worry that what they’re trading is not going to provide the same value as what they’re giving up. However, if we are true to who we desire to be, than every time we sacrifice, there should be joy attached to it because of what or who you are sacrificing for.


I Love My Wrinkles…

There I was, at the gym, getting ready to do another set of exercises when I noticed a glaring addition to my face. I laughed whispering the words to myself, “I love my wrinkles.” “Why would anyone in the world love their wrinkles?” You might ask.It’s because they hold so many things within them that are part of our journey. Let’s not merely see a sign of aging, but rather a road map to living a life which has been filled with so much to cherish.


Joy is Hard Work…

We are only one month into the “Year of Joy” and I have to say, it’s hard work! The first thing I am been reminded daily of is that joy is a choice; you cannot find it unless you choose to let it become part of you. Before you dismiss me simply as a positive thinker who is supposed to be inspirational by trade, I want to make a confession…


A Year of Joy…

For the first time ever, our ministry has chosen a theme to offer a year long series around one central message. This year will focus on reclaiming our “JOY.” On the 15th of each month, starting in January, a different article written by Greg will be posted on the site and emailed to our subscribers.



God is asking for more than just the peaks and valleys of your emotions. He wants you to surrender in moments which do not consist of one extreme or another; to be part of the entire life journey you are on. If we do not allow God to be seen in our everyday lives, then we run a great risk of losing our faith when we cannot find God in the moment of crisis.


Full Circle ~ “Let Me Be” (Part II)

Our creator always takes His unconditional love into account for the timing and best answers related to the ways we allow Him into our life through action or prayer…I have learned in my journey at this time that “Let me be…” is really a two part statement which is mirrored from God to me, and also from me to God in return.

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