Side by Side – Day 4 “Perfectly Imperfect”

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

“I’m not as holy as that person.” “God could never love someone like me.” “My life is a mess, I can’t even think about praying.” These are all expressions I’ve heard from people at one time or another. It’s sad to me because they’re missing the point of the healing love found in Jesus Christ.

We don’t have to have it all together. We don’t need to know how to quote every scripture verse. I’ll go as far as to say, we don’t even need to know how to pray. God doesn’t call us to have the right answers, He asks us to have the right heart.

The church is not made for the perfect. It is made for those who know they need God in their life to help them along the way to someday return to the Creator. Enjoy your imperfection, because the fact you desire for something better is a great place to be on your Lenten journey.