Details: A live event for adults and young adults, “Restore” gives the audience a look at three different perspectives of how we view faith. The intended audience will be parishioners or visitors who do not normally attend church events. Utilizing video screens and three separate areas of the stage, presenter, Greg Wasinski, gives insight on Church teaching, Stories of Faith, and Personal Testimony. By sharing a connection with each person no matter where they are on their faith journey, Greg opens the door for them to make necessary changes in their own lives while inspiring them to be what their family needs. In addition to the live presentation, attendees have access to an web-based library which gives them notes for the night, exclusive video content and links to continue to grow long after it’s over.  

MEN: Lead Me

Details: An evening presentation for men, “Lead Me” shares four different presenters in TED style talks to drive home specific points in a short and concise presentation. Each event also includes music and an emcee for the night.

The next evening for men is Cleveland, OH on Thursday, November 14, 2019, - 7:00 PM at the Breen Center.


The national model of this event would coincide with a half way point from an annual men’s conference. It is not religion specific and is meant to share the message of faith with those who are just at the beginning of a relationship with God as well as those who worship weekly.


WOMEN: Courageous

Details: “Courageous” is the women’s evening of faith and inspiration with an array of presenters to focus on different styles of offering the message to help ladies understand their power and courage. 


It carries the same national model as LEAD ME for men.


COUPLES: Faith, Hope, Love, & Unity

Details: A series of reflections for couples based on the three virtues and their connection to the covenant of marriage. This encounter focuses on the connection and respect of a relationship regardless of stage, “Faith, Hope, Love, & Unity” gives those in attendance not only an understanding of virtue being presented on, but also an opportunity for interaction with each other to discuss what is necessary to grow together. Depending on the event host this encounter can be offered with a breakfast, snack, or dinner. 


STAFF & VOLUNTEERS:  We are The Branches Staff Reflection

Details: Quite often in our organizations, the demands of responsibilities can place our focus on details outside of who we are called to be in our ministry roles. We are the Branches is a two-part, three hour customized session focusing on the leadership traits of Christ, Scripture and the Catechism to:

• Reignite your vocation

• identify methods to work together

• spend time in personal reflection.  



PARISH EVENT: Catholic Parish Mission

Details: Unconditionally is a practical journey through Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and our every day interactions with Christ in the world, to help us focus on living the beauty of our Catholic faith together. This inter-generational mission connects with attendees from middle school through the senior community.