Promises: Week 4

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How? We ask this question a lot when it comes to trying to figure out God. We place Him in a box or try to place our own human understanding as the driving force to how it is possible that He can be in control. Truth is, God is God and we are not. He not only walks with us …

Promises: Week 3

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Who is it that you are really waiting for this Advent? The Savior we wait for will dwell in us and live through us. He is light and hope and reconciliation and joy – we rejoice in the opportunity to live with Him eternally. As always, Who we say Jesus is, is often who the rest of the world sees …

Promises: Week 2

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Do you know your “Why?” When it comes to a time of preparing yourself for the beauty of Christmas, have you really thought about why you really need to take time? This week, we focus our attention on the reason Jesus came. He wants every person to come into His presence, and our scriptures help us remember the need for …

Promises: Week 1

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Our first week in Advent reminds us that we never know WHEN God is going to fulfill His promises. Each of the scripture stories this week has an aspect that tells us to have a heart ready, today, for the Lord’s coming. “Promises” is an Advent series that focuses on the weekly readings of the Catholic Church. Each session includes …

Engaged Couples Retreat

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We hosted 7 engaged Couples at Trilogy Retreat Property last weekend. Their day was focused on growing in their relationship of faith as a couple and as individuals. We celebrated Eucharistic Adoration and Mass to end our day together.

Side by Side – Day 47 “Happy Easter!”

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Happy Easter! This day we must make a commitment to celebrate with purpose. Yes, we will proclaim our “Alleluia” of the excitement in Christ’s rising, but that it is also our chant to say, “Lord, I know I must be your witness for the world.” Where does this begin? The way we share our family time as we get ready …

Side by Side – Day 46 “Holy Saturday”

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The reflection of Holy Saturday for me often is filled with confusion. I feel empty because I want Jesus back. I carry guilt about all the ways I haven’t remained faithful or what I didn’t do during my Lenten journey that could have made me stronger. This must be how the disciples felt with a fear of the unknown. We …

Side by Side – Day 45 “Good Friday”

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It’s time… All of our Lenten preparation leads us to this moment; Jesus on the cross. Have we remembered though He took OUR cross, the one which bore our weakness and sin? He was handed a wooden beam which was weighed down with the inequities of the world. Christ never asks us to do anything He wasn’t willing to do …

Side by Side – Day 44 “Holy Thursday”

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The Last Supper invites us to think about what Jesus was telling the disciples and how it is  found every time they share Holy Communion in “remembrance of Him.” Christ came down to the disciples’ level and removed His garments to show them the need for servant leadership to be a true follower. A reminder of the heart we need …