Side by Side – Day 47 “Happy Easter!”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

Happy Easter! This day we must make a commitment to celebrate with purpose. Yes, we will proclaim our “Alleluia” of the excitement in Christ’s rising, but that it is also our chant to say, “Lord, I know I must be your witness for the world.” Where does this begin? The way we share our family time as we get ready for mass and travel to church…Not as a holiday obligation but a beautiful celebration of our faith and community. Then it continues as we gather for family meals…. How can we bring Christ into our celebration that takes us beyond the food that is being shared? We look for a courage to help those that may not believe yet in what we feel in our heart.

Today is the beginning of the Easter Season. It’s not a one-day event, this season last’s fifty days. We will hear about the action the disciples take after our Lord rises and comes to them. We will see the work they have to put in now on their own to carry Jesus to the world and continue the church He began. So, this day and time is our call to get to work and put the reflection and transformation of Lent behind and become about being who God created us to be in order to lead others by the hand, at our side, to His Kingdom.

Ultimately what we learn is that Lent doesn’t have an end, it was always just the beginning of looking at ourselves, our faith and our relationship with Jesus in a new way.