Side by Side – Day 46 “Holy Saturday”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

The reflection of Holy Saturday for me often is filled with confusion. I feel empty because I want Jesus back. I carry guilt about all the ways I haven’t remained faithful or what I didn’t do during my Lenten journey that could have made me stronger. This must be how the disciples felt with a fear of the unknown. We are blessed to know Christ rises but they didn’t know that for sure.

It’s almost like when someone we love is apart from us. We know they will return but we want them with us here and now. I need Jesus close to me and yet there is a stone that separates me from Him while He lies in the tomb. So, we are left to reflect… A reflection of how empty we are without Him. As we are taught throughout scripture though, even when we can’t see or feel Jesus, we must trust. Today, we enter our tomb, rooting our self in Christ, so that when we celebrate Easter tomorrow, we spring forth as a new creation. No longer empty, but filled with the Spirit and fullness of Christ.