Promises: Week 4

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

How? We ask this question a lot when it comes to trying to figure out God. We place Him in a box or try to place our own human understanding as the driving force to how it is possible that He can be in control. Truth is, God is God and we are not. He not only walks with us in all things, but the manner in which He came to earth is the living example of how we begin to live a life where we fully embrace who He created us to be – humble, loving servants of our fellow man. May we remain obedient to end our Advent journey and simply reply with gratitude in awe of what God is doing, rather than worrying about how He does it.

“Promises” is an Advent series that focuses on the weekly readings of the Catholic Church. Each session includes aspects of our Christian faith and the real-life application within the scripture that is focused on. Advent is a time of preparation – this year we remember the “promises” the Lord gives us that we need to be ready to receive.

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