Side by Side – Day 44 “Holy Thursday”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

The Last Supper invites us to think about what Jesus was telling the disciples and how it is  found every time they share Holy Communion in “remembrance of Him.” Christ came down to the disciples’ level and removed His garments to show them the need for servant leadership to be a true follower. A reminder of the heart we need to have for others. Our faith isn’t about having all the right answers or knowing the ins and outs of every word in scripture. It’s about action, an outpouring of love Christ offered in His ministry, and ultimately on the cross.

When we receive the Eucharist, we consume everything Jesus Christ was, is, and forever shall be. Coming forth during mass isn’t a symbol of the night he shared with His disciples, it is our “yes” to be part of the covenant He offers us through His body and blood. Church teaching tells us that in this action of receiving Him into us, we become ONE with Jesus in His humanity. Every miracle, every story, every look of compassion, and every teaching consume our being so we can be like Christ to the world. Find all of Jesus in Communion, so you can become more like Him in every way.