Side by Side – Day 45 “Good Friday”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

It’s time… All of our Lenten preparation leads us to this moment; Jesus on the cross. Have we remembered though He took OUR cross, the one which bore our weakness and sin? He was handed a wooden beam which was weighed down with the inequities of the world.

Christ never asks us to do anything He wasn’t willing to do first. So, now is our time to take up our cross and journey this day side by side with Him to Calvary. There we will understand the emotion and power of the crucifixion. Not only because Jesus suffered, but He did it for us so we wouldn’t have to endure the same type of torment.

Even if the torture is not the same, we have to carry our cross and then lay it down then realize everything it consists of in our life. Our fear, illness, sins, pain, ego, betrayal, and anything else that separates us from God’s love. Make this day count and let Christ take it from you so you don’t have to have it anymore. He will do that. In the end though, remember this moment and how it is necessary for the resurrection to occur. We only can have an Easter Sunday because there is a Good Friday… the same is true in life. For this chapter, the hardest part of our Lenten journey is over, and we share the same words Christ last spoke “It is finished…” (Jn 19:30)