Ep 507 “Far From Perfect”

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast

What is stopping you from starting the one thing that has been on your heart or mind? Is it a project, exercise/nutrition, a dream, or your relationship with God? Many times we want everything to be “just right,” – perfect. Life never offers us the perfect time to do anything, we have to seize the moment and make beauty of the mess. Greg Wasinski talks about the pitfalls we run into when we wait around for “perfect” and how we can allow this moment to be the moment we are curious enough to see how things can be if we start today.

Greg Wasinski is a full-time Catholic Christian Evangelist and Author who has traveled the country since 2009 sharing a message of hope through faith. He has presented in over 118 cities, across 27 states and 2 countries. His podcasts and video blogs have been seen around the world inspiring others to commit more deeply to a relationship with God, and helping the faithful toward a better understanding of “why we believe what we believe.” For more information visit:  www.GregWasinski.com

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Music provided by, and copyright, Michael James Mette – “Glimpses of You” www.MJM7.band