Side by Side – Day 35 “Faith in Reverse”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

Why did I have to lose my job? Why did my loved one have to suffer? Why won’t God answer my prayer?
These are questions we can find ourselves asking in any moment. There is no explanation during the
moment of pain, but there can be revelation if we allow God to be God and then we see things in reverse
through the lens of faith.

Both of our readings today have a sign lifted up before the people. One is the golden serpents on the
staff for the Israelites who turned their back on God, and the other is the Son of Man on the cross before
all people. These are reminders of what God does to heal us if we really believe in Him.

Jesus had to die, so we could be redeemed from our sins… there was no other way and all other attempts
by God the Father failed. We can see that now, but in the instant, every one of His followers must have
felt their world was over. It’s the same with us. When we are left asking questions or we are searching
for things outside of the will of God, we can be lost. If a situation or someone we love has been used as
part of God’s plan, then the only way we can truly honor the sacrifice is to let it change who we are and
where we turn for all things. Look at the big picture in reverse for God’s ultimate meaning.