Side by Side – Day 32 “Can’t Stop”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

Yesterday we talked about persecution. We had to answer a question of how we respond when people
challenge us. We continue on with this theme in our readings at this point in Lent.

So today, I am asking you to keep pushing forward despite any judgment or questioning of your personal
restoration. You are growing, you are changing, and while it may not be persecution, there just may be
an internal struggle with things that you once thought were okay or behaviors you no longer want as part
of your life.

Now is your time to prove how much you truly want to be transformed through Jesus. You can’t stop
moving forward. Let the true, good and beautiful be your guide. Seek what is righteous, not what is easy. In the end, the fullness of life will bring you a peace that nothing on this Earth does. Allow what you see
as your end goal to make you strong enough to push past anyone or anything that tries to slow you