Side by Side – Day 42 “It’s Gettin’ Real”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

The betrayal of Jesus is always before us. Immediately we think of Judas as the betrayer, but there are two different people that fit that description in today’s Gospel. In the case of Judas, he struggles with selling out Jesus for his own personal greed. However, Peter is the other figure who feels so confident in his faith that he is oblivious to how quickly he will deny Christ to protect himself in a moment of fear.

For us, it reminds us that we are never too strong in our relationship with Jesus. Things can “get real” very quickly, changing instantly in ways we never expect when the evil one gets in our head. But just like the disciples, Christ knows our human struggles and that He must lead us in this journey by offering reconciliation after our sin.  The same is true when we betray those we love on Earth. We don’t always mean to hurt people, but our actions have consequences regardless of our mindset.

We don’t always fall intentionally like Judas… sometimes we are like Peter, separated from Jesus because we missed the test in our midst. Either way, Christ will redeem us if we let him.