Side by Side – Day 7 “For Crying Out Loud”

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

Reverence in prayer is a beautiful thing. Surrounded by candles, lifting our soul up to God in quietness of the church so He can hear our desires. While that is a beautiful picture certain videos and movies depict, it’s not always reality. I would go deeper to say that it’s not what God wants all the time. He loves our passion to know that He can do all things. It’s a combination of silence and crying out to God. Even blowing a trumpet when amazing things happen.

We read about this all through scripture. Abraham, Moses, Noah, Job, Jeremiah, they all cried out to God with deep emotion. In our times of distress, we go to the only Source we know can heal our hurts in a way nothing else in this world can. Sometimes, when it is just the two of you, the honesty has to be real. This is acknowledgement that God can and God will. Trust me, He’s a big God, He can take it.