Side by Side – Day 6 “Who Me?”

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

We can tend to forget what Christ is asking from us in order to live a holy life. When He gives His Sermon on the Mount, He is explaining to the people that yes there were laws given in the Ten Commandments, but now there are new laws. These are laws of action. It isn’t enough to just try and not screw up, but it’s about working to be like Jesus in every way.

Yes, this Kingdom on Earth is for you and I to work hard to put on display to lead others to Heaven with our living example. It’s about how we use our gifts and what we do for others. Whether they are labeled as “Random Acts of Kindness” or “Volunteering,” they are the very actions we need to do for others who need “God with skin on.” Together, we change the world because we choose to serve. It’s up to us and no one else.