Side by Side – Day 9 “Knock Knock”

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

There’s an old joke who talks about a woman waiting for months to win the lottery. After crying out to God in anguish one night, the heavens open up and a voice says, “Hey Lady, help me out a little and go buy a ticket.”

Our expectation of faith is that God will just do things for us. Even the disciples who walked with Jesus waited for Him to do everything first. This is an unrealistic way to have a relationship. Married couples know they have to express our expectations or it is the source of lots of disagreements. So it is with God. We have to ask for what we want in order to receive. Knock on the door, it will be opened for Him to welcome you in.

Stop trying to do it all yourself or expecting your relationship with God to be one way. Instead of looking in all the windows and waiting to see if anyone is home or sitting on the steps crying, knock not once but twice.