Side by Side Day 14 “Man of Few Words”

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

Strength, courage, obedience, faithfulness, and leadership are all qualities we admire in others. Joseph, husband of Mary Our Blessed Mother, possessed all these things. Yet, he doesn’t say one word in all of scripture where he is mentioned. It’s his quiet nature to give all of himself for the will of God that makes us want to live like him.

St. Peter Julian reminded us that while we have the luxury of knowing how the story of Christ’s life and revelation play out, Joseph did not. He saw nothing yet he believed that while Jesus was still in the womb of Mary, he was obedient to be their ultimate protector and guide. His role didn’t end at the birth. Later in the Gospels, Joseph’s relevance is mentioned when they identify Jesus as “The Carpenter’s Son.”

Joseph is highlighted in the season of Advent but can get lost in the journey of Lent. While he is not mentioned later in our Gospels, never forget the way he taught a growing Jesus how to be a prayerful young man who would be strong enough to lead those who would carry on His church. Joseph didn’t do it because it benefited him, he did it to glorify God.