Side by Side – Day 41 “Fulfillment & Understanding”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

If you are following along with daily scripture readings, you will see that the prophet Isaiah begins to describe who the savior would be and what He will have to endure. He is telling the people all of these things hundreds of years before Jesus would ever walk the earth. When we read it now, it is part of the fulfillment and understanding to reveal the truth in what we believe.

Our understanding of faith will never be achieved while we are alive. We have to understand that and appreciate the mystery of faith. It’s easy to believe when we see, but what if God is just laying the foundation for something that will happen a long time from now? Fulfillment and understanding isn’t meant to always be grasped… this is where trust comes in. A trust that had the faithful and early Christians watching the one they love be ripped away from them and punished for not for what He had done, but for loving the world enough to lead them to His Father… Our Father. Do the same, whatever the cost.