God’s Will

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God’s Will
By: Ted Reardon

If you do something for the right reason in the truth of the Gospel and it’s God’s Will, no matter what happens, God will bless you and other’s abundantly. Even if people don’t understand your motivation and tell you that what you did was wrong or made no sense to them it shouldn’t matter because your motivation came from prayer, sacrifice, and trust that God was in the decision.

Mary had that firm belief and determination that God was with her. When she said yes to God she was completely comfortable with whatever outcome occurred because her trust was in God. Her heart was guided by the belief that her decisions were made with God in mind. Nothing else mattered.

I think this attitude and approach is what we need in our lives. If we can trust her Son, Jesus as she did and live in a way that He is at the center of our lives and our decision making process then, I believe like Mary we can be confident that what we are doing is coming from God and will be blessed abundantly.