Side by Side – Day 39 “Recognizing God”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

If Jesus was before you in this moment, would you recognize Him if he didn’t come in the appearance
that our pictures depict Him. Even in my life, I work SO HARD to find God and to see Him that I get to the
end of the day and realized how many times I missed Him when He was present.

The Pharisees missed everything that Jesus was doing in the world because their pride got the best of
them. What else could He have shown them? They were never going to be happy because it was all
about what they thought they wanted instead of being focused on God before them.

Maybe today He will be in the child’s eyes that look at you with every ounce of love they have; possibly it
is in the elderly person crossing the parking lot in the grocery store who tests your patience; it could even
be the police officer who writes you a ticket for speeding because God needed to protect you from the
harm that would have occurred had you continued on. His signs are everywhere, we just need to choose
to see Him.