Let It Be Done Unto Me – Week 1 “Stay Awake & Look for the Light”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized


IS 2:1-5, ROM 13:11-14, MT 24:37-44


“…it is the hour now for you to awake from sleep.” ~ ROM 13:11


Catechism #526 “To become a child in relation to God is the condition for entering the kingdom.205 For this, we must humble ourselves and become little. Even more: to become “children of God” we must be “born from above” or “born of God”. Only when Christ is formed in us will the mystery of Christmas be fulfilled in us. Christmas is the mystery of this “marvelous exchange”:


Anticipation has a very powerful effect on us. It becomes a driving force of how we go about our day and can even influence our physical nature. For example, have you ever had a big appointment scheduled, or maybe even a vacation that you had to get up early for? Usually, trying to get a good night’s rest the night before is near impossible. We wake up multiple times – to say we are restless is an understatement. Tossing and turning all night long, we worry we might oversleep and miss whatever it is we are preparing to do.

When we finally do wake up at the appropriate time, we might be a little groggy and unsteady while we search for the light. Flicking on the switch, it illuminates everything in the room with an astonishing brightness. If we happen to be in front of a mirror, we see a person looking back who isn’t fully awake yet and our less than perfect self is staring back at us. It’s fair to say, so much is revealed in the light. No matter what the case though, the light helps wake us up and move toward the scheduled event before us.

While Christ doesn’t give us a day and time He will return, He does give us seasons to prepare our heart and focus on our relationship with Him in a concentrated way. Advent is one of those times. The anticipation of Christmas and what we do to get ready should be as beautiful as Christmas Day. You and I must remember, it is Jesus who is the light of the world and all is revealed through Him. The room we make for Him illuminates the person we truly are… whether we like it or not.

God always lights our path and shows us the way to find Him. It doesn’t matter how bright the light is, if we are obedient, we will see it. Think about it, Mary and Joseph would have traveled in total darkness, relying only on a small amount of light from the stars. A pitch-black road, a wife very pregnant, and a man so trusting of God, His every response is, “Yes.” No matter how dark it was, their answer to God was, “Let it be done unto me.”

For you and I it doesn’t matter whether we are overcome by darkness or the light in front of us is glaring. Christ is asking us to stay awake and be in relationship so he can guide us to find what our heart desires. Our job right now is to prepared. “O house of Jacob, come, let us walk in the light of the Lord!” (IS 2:5)


Lord, I commit myself to prepare for your coming this Christmas. Whatever your will is, and whoever you need me to be done for my family, let it be done unto me. I surrender this season to finding you in all things while sharing your image in all I do. Help me to see your light whenever I begin to stray. ~Amen


As you think about the different characters in the birth of Christ, who do you most feel like currently in your faith life? May and Joseph – The Shepherds – The Innkeeper


Light a single candle in your home separate from anything else. Pledge to take 5 min each day to rest, pray, and think of the beauty of the Christmas season as a child with traditions or memories. Watch the light dance around during this time and think of all Jesus Christ does in your life.