Side by Side – Day 5 “Daily Battles”

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

One thing we don’t talk about enough is “Spiritual Warfare.” Anytime we desire a closer relationship with Christ, the devil will work harder to do what he can in order to persuade us away. The Father knew this would be part of our humanness, so the Spirit leads His Son, Jesus, into the desert to be tempted before he begins His earthly ministry. Jesus relies on the truth of the Bible and the bigger picture of salvation to deny the false promises of the evil one.

 In the Our Father it’s why we pray the line “Lead us not into temptation…” We pray that we do not have to undergo the same tests as Christ because it is so hard and we might fail. Remain strong in how the Lord taught you to pray when your desire for holiness invites a very cunning foe to try and derail your spiritual growth.