Side by Side – Day 43 “Will They Understand?”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

In life we do kind things for people or help others and it isn’t always appreciated the way we hoped. We may not get a “thank you” or even an acknowledgement for whatever it is we worked to do. This hurts, because we want them to know how hard we worked to share our gifts with them.

Jesus is aware at this point of the His journey what tomorrow night will set into motion. His heart is troubled wondering if people will really understand what He is doing. Not that He expects everyone to know right now, but in the story of our lives, will we continue to understand? Will there be an appreciation and a surrender to accept His love?

In your transformation and desire to live a Christ centered life, you will begin to share the same feelings Christ did. When the world shuns you or friends shy away from you because of the changes you are making in your life, it can be hard. If you work to do good and be the image of Christ for others, you will reflect on it at the end of a day and think, “Do they understand?” Just remember, even if they don’t, you have to be you and find fulfillment in simply living your call. We don’t do things so others will understand, we do it because it is who we want to be and what we want to do.