Side by Side – Day 25 “Humility”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

We are now 25 days in to our Lenten journey. The simple fact that you are reading this means you are doing an amazing job… even if this is the first reflection you have stumbled upon after a while. Be thankful for your ability to desire growth in your faith life.

Now for the reality check… you’re not great just because you listen to what I might say or what different evangelizers are offering. Sounds harsh I know, but we have to give ourselves these reminders because it keeps us humble. If not, we can get comfortable and end up drifting away as others have. I also tell you this because if we do not humble ourselves, God will humble us… you don’t want that.

Continue to grow, continue to gain a better understanding of all you believe. In the process remain humble to know where you have come from. Remember the words said during the preparation of the gifts, “He humbled Himself in our humanity so we could share in His divinity.” If Christ is willing to humble Himself, we also should be.