Sacred Nourishment – Indian Vegetable Curry

Elizabeth Peterson Sacred Nourishment, Uncategorized

One of the easiest dishes to make for a meatless meal. Indian Vegetable Curry has an amazing blend of spices that infuse an array of vegetables during the time they cook in the Instant Pot. You can chop these vegetables yourself, or buy them already pre-cut for an even quicker prep. This meal takes 15 minutes to put together and then cooks for 2 minutes after pressurization in your cooker.


Sacred Nourishment offers plant based recipe options for Lenten fasting. Each meal is prepared by Vegan Cook, Millie Prebel. This series is in collaboration with Mille Cooks Vegan and Faith and Real Life – “Let Me Be…” Ministries. More inspiration and full recipes can be found at

Sessions are filmed at Trilogy Retreat Property in Southington, OH www.Trilogy.Center

Rosary Rap, Intro Music used with permission by Artist, Joe Melendrez.