Side by Side – DAY 22 “RULES”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

Going back to my Catholic grade school years, I recall a time I cut in line as we lined up for the bathroom. Sr. Josephine, told me that if I was at the Cedar Point amusement park they would throw me out because I broke the rules and cut in line. While I didn’t think this was that severe, I am telling you the story thirty-five years later, so I would say it had an impact. She was reminding me that all of life has rules and we are accountable.

We all have rules wherever we go. Expectations that people will make good choices and do what is best for the common good. Rules to avoid sin. While we may not like them, they do bring order where chaos could ensue; personally, or publicly. Think of God’s commandments as the overall measuring stick to how we are doing in life. Can you say you have been keeping them all? Pretty much every law and moral code of living is based on what God gave us thousands of years ago on that mountain.