EP: 502 “Raising Sunshine” with Guest Ariane Sroubek

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast

EP:502 – “Raising Sunshine” Guest Ariane Sroubek

“If Heaven isn’t real, I don’t think I can do this.”

Host, Greg Wasinski, talks with Doctor of Psychology and Author, Ariane Sroubek, about the loss of her infant child and the journey it took her on to not only handle her own grief, but also the grief of her older daughter in the loss of a sibling. This conversation on understanding a little more on how we grieve or feel emotionally with the loss of a loved one is powerful and genuine. Together, Greg and Ariane, not only look at the research that goes deeper into our psyche on this subject, but how God is in the storm to walk with us

Greg Wasinski is a full-time Catholic Speaker and Author who has traveled the country since 2009 sharing a message of hope through faith. He has presented in over 115 cities, across 26 states and 2 countries. His podcasts and video blogs have been seen around the world inspiring others to commit more deeply to a relationship with God, and helping the faithful toward a better understanding of “why we believe what we believe.” For more information visit: http://www.faithandreallife.com

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