Side by Side – Day 33 “New Beginnings”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

“Regrets, I’ve had a few, but too few to mention” are the famous words Frank Sinatra sang in, “My Way.”
In my life, I’ve had more than a few regrets, but I can’t look back at who I once was… I need to look
ahead as to who I strive to be.

Once we hand ourselves over to Him, Christ sees us as a new creation who decided they wanted a new
beginning… A life offered to Him as their Savior. You must leave behind all the baggage you placed at His
feet earlier in Lent. After all, your brokenness is on the mend. You wouldn’t continue to wear a cast after
your broken bone has been healed. Even if there is lots of stuff in your past, put away what once was and
see hope in the new beginning.

Life will try to remind you time and time again why the old you still exists… and it is part of your story so
they are still there. It just shouldn’t consume you. There is a new you, who sees hope in the new choices
you have made to see God in a new way. You were never truly broken, just unfinished.