Side by Side – Day 15 “Servant Leadership”

Greg Wasinski Uncategorized

What makes a good leader? Our entire Lenten journey has us reflecting on Jesus who led twelve men, with different professions, into ministry to carry on the same church we celebrate thousands of years later. Jesus Christ came down from Heaven as a human being to humble himself to share in our humanity. Never asking us to do anything that He wasn’t willing to himself. That is what makes a good leader… A servant leader.

Lent is about sacrifice. A living example the ultimate servant leader gave us. When it comes to us imitating that, it would be fair to say that we need to turn our fasting to other things than just meat on Friday. We must give up, pride, ego, lordship, and the desire to be king or queen and replace them with vulnerability, compassion, teamwork and surrender to be a servant of His people. After all, those who are entrusted to our care look up to us as a living example of what we are asking from them.