Episode 104: Spiritual Battles

Elizabeth Peterson Faith & Real Life Podcast

On episode 104 of the Faith and Real Life Podcast, Greg Wasinski is joined by his co-host, Millie Prebel. While we think that once we are committed to a life of faith, everyday will be filled with continous beautiful moments – reality is we have to be ready to face opposition. How we are prepare for Spiritual Battles will give us what we need to not crumble and run away from what we desire in Jesus.

Greg Wasinski is an inspirational speaker, author, and radio host who focuses on the message of how to bring faith and real life together for the average person.

Millie Prebel is a former beauty industry expert, now called to be a witness in ministry. She travels as a professional speaker and also shares her gifts through various bible studies and prayer based teaching workshops.

LMBM Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation serving as an extension of the church to inspire individuals, encourage community, and resstore the value of family.

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