Side by Side – Day 37 “Covenant”

Gregory Wasinski Uncategorized

We have learned that there is a difference between a promise and a covenant. A covenant isn’t just a
verbal agreement, but there is an exchange of goods. Each party is giving something of themselves so the
bond cannot be broken. God makes a covenant with His people… it goes far beyond the promise.

With what we are just reminded of, if we are part of that covenant, it means we have to offer something
of ourselves to the relationship as a sign of our commitment. This is why the Sacraments of the Catholic
Church are so powerful. We come forth to enter into an agreement with our Lord so nothing in this world
can separate us from Him. The problem is we may not think about the need to offer ourselves and we
can often expect God to do all the work through His grace.

Give all of yourself to God. Think about how your participation in the faith puts a responsibility on you.
This is not a one way street or an attempt to try… The covenant says your will.