Just Released!

Aimee and Greg Wasinski

“All I Ever Have to Be…”

It’s finally here and it is perfect for our ministry Year of JOY! The album I have been encouraging my wife to do for the last five years. She is such a blessed and talented woman, it’s only right that she shares her gifts with all those we encounter in ministry. Each place we’ve visited when doing an event together has asked, “Where is Aimee’s album?” I think she got tired of hearing it and finally gave in. It certainly was not for lack of ability, just her gentle humility which wanted to keep the focus off her. As a once professional actress in musical theatre, this is the perfect opportunity to give thanks back to God for her vocal abilities while inspiring others in the process.

The album “All I Ever Have to Be…” is a combination of Aimee’s vocals and reflections I offer as we transition from one theme to the next. This is a perfect blend to sit back, reflect and pray with, listen to in the car with the family or share with someone who is longing to encounter God in a familiar way through music. The album features cover songs from Amy Grant, Sarah Hart, Lady Antebellum and the selection “For Good” from the hit musical, WICKED. Additionally, it contains an original song from Christie Dilisio called “All that I Am” originally written to honor our pastor Fr. Dan Schlegel on his 20th Anniversary of being a priest.

It certainly took a lot of time and talent to put this work together. The CD was produced by Mark Coming, Coming Home Studio (www.cominghomestudio.com) who really makes it a special piece. He can be heard on some of the songs with his instrumental contributions, as well as enhancing certain arrangements with his skills. We wanted to have a chance to engage his time before he gets very busy this year with his new parish choir program which allows parishes to raise funds through a live recording of their choir.

To assist us with the financial investment of this album, in addition to the ability to purchase a single CD, we are asking you to prayerfully consider our “Get One…Give One.”  This program helps offset the production costs for CD’s and books the ministry provides to others at no cost. For every CD purchased, along with your additional donation, we will set aside one CD for event attendees who cannot afford to purchase a copy or for those who are struggling that are desperately in need of hearing the message.

For more information, to listen to samples and to purchase “All I Ever Have to Be…” you can either click here for “Get One…Give One” or you can go here to purchase individual copies.

We are so grateful for all the amazing people who helped bring this together and the many prayers offered on our behalf to allow this to be the best it can be. God is good, and we are blessed to share this journey with you.

All I Ever to Be...