Too Tired to Fight

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I Love Lamp…

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I Love Lamp… By Greg Wasinski Sometimes our attempts at finding true love is as ridiculous as the scene from the movie, Anchorman where Brick Tamland (played by Steve Carell) begins to blurt out things in the room he loves just in order to be included: Brick Tamland: “I love… carpet.  [pause]  I love… desk.”  Ron Burgundy: “Brick, are you …

Volunteer to Serve

Cyndi Sikora Blog

VOLUNTEER to SERVE By Cyndi Sikora It has occurred to me that a lot of us, parents in particular, probably have never been taught, or learned how important volunteering is to family and community life.  When my kids were in high school, they insisted on the need to do service to get a good grade in some classes.  When I …


Greg Wasinski Blog

While reading Mark’s Gospel this week on Thursday, Jesus asked the question of the disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” I have reflected on this many times and devoted a whole chapter in my last book on this, yet this time when I heard it, I focused on Peter’s response to Jesus.


Greg Wasinski Blog

Life is interesting in 2023, isn’t it? Everything we could ever need is at our fingertips and the world has created a category of lifestyle for every person to find “happiness” in true self. Yet, the mental health crisis has hit an all-time high and less people are attending church than any time in recent history. Why do I bring …

Godly Friendships

Elizabeth Peterson Blog

Godly Friendships By: Libby Peterson Friendships have always been of great value and importance in my life. I thrive on having authentic and true friendships. Over the last few years, I have been blessed to experience a new level of friendship in my life. It all started with committing to my health and fitness with one of my lifelong friends, …

I Love My Wrinkles

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I Love My Wrinkles… By: Greg Wasinski There I was, at the gym, getting ready to do another set of exercises, when I noticed a glaring addition to my face. In that moment of rest, I sat on the edge of the bench, staring into the wall-sized mirror in front of me. I squinted and took deep breaths before continuing …

What’s a Retreat?

Aimee Wasinski Blog

“What’s a retreat?” By: Aimee Wasinski The word “retreat” has a few different meanings, all of which relate to some kind of getaway. For some it might mean to get away to, a): a secluded retreat – a place of rest and relaxation. For others it might mean taking a getaway for, b): a period of time and for a …

God’s Will

Ted Reardon Blog

God’s Will By: Ted Reardon If you do something for the right reason in the truth of the Gospel and it’s God’s Will, no matter what happens, God will bless you and other’s abundantly. Even if people don’t understand your motivation and tell you that what you did was wrong or made no sense to them it shouldn’t matter because …