EP: 503 “Squish Like Grape” – Commitment

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast, Featured

Includes four suggestions to help you commit to a more consistent relationship with God. Host, Greg Wasinski, skims the surface for us to develop a life committed to our passions and our relationship with God. Walking in the middle of the road will never yield the results we are looking to achieve. All of us must be confident in our …

Volunteer to Serve

Cyndi Sikora Blog, Featured

VOLUNTEER to SERVE By Cyndi Sikora It has occurred to me that a lot of us, parents in particular, probably have never been taught, or learned how important volunteering is to family and community life.  When my kids were in high school, they insisted on the need to do service to get a good grade in some classes.  When I …

7 Pathways to Companionship

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast, Featured

We all have relationships that need some sort of healing. Situations where we struggle to forgive but know we need to offer mercy. But, how can we begin the process of mending a bridge that is broken or damaged in some way with someone who has hurt us? Greg Wasinski discusses 7 different ways we can utilize in various ways …

Godly Friendships

Elizabeth Peterson Blog, Featured

Godly Friendships By: Libby Peterson Friendships have always been of great value and importance in my life. I thrive on having authentic and true friendships. Over the last few years, I have been blessed to experience a new level of friendship in my life. It all started with committing to my health and fitness with one of my lifelong friends, …

I Love My Wrinkles

Greg Wasinski Blog, Featured

I Love My Wrinkles… By: Greg Wasinski There I was, at the gym, getting ready to do another set of exercises, when I noticed a glaring addition to my face. In that moment of rest, I sat on the edge of the bench, staring into the wall-sized mirror in front of me. I squinted and took deep breaths before continuing …

What’s a Retreat?

Aimee Wasinski Blog, Featured

“What’s a retreat?” By: Aimee Wasinski The word “retreat” has a few different meanings, all of which relate to some kind of getaway. For some it might mean to get away to, a): a secluded retreat – a place of rest and relaxation. For others it might mean taking a getaway for, b): a period of time and for a …

Episode 405: Intro to Positive Psychology with Guest, Rob Schlanser

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast, Featured

Rob Schlanser, an Account Executive from BetterUp, joins Host, Greg Wasinski, on this episode focused on an introduction to positive psychology. Looking at our lives from the perspective of what our strengths are gives us the ability to shape our future around what is “right” with us, rather than all the ways we can tend to see ourselves as lacking …

WKYC ~ Good Company Interview

Greg Wasinski Featured

Hollie Strano talks with Greg and Aimee Wasinski from Let Me Be Ministries about Trilogy Retreat Property, a place to rest, relax, and refresh. For more information visit: www.Trilogy.Center