Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast, Featured

Welcome to season six of the Faith & Real Life Podcast! Host Greg Wasinski interviews his wife, Aimee, for the first time to discuss what it takes to help bring someone back to the faith when they have strayed from church. Over their 29-year marriage, Greg walked away from the Catholic faith he grew up with, while Aimee continued to …

Coffee & Conversation 2/22/2024

Greg Wasinski Coffee & Conversation, Featured

Today Greg will talk about “Adulting.” How we do it at different stages, and what can we do to support one another as they have to make big life decisions. Grab your morning beverage and join in on the conversation.

Overcoming Anger, It Only Hurts Yourself

Cyndi Sikora Blog, Featured

The number of angry people these days is astonishing to me.  I think religion, politics, the redefinition of some words and relationships, and different opinions on social justice issues are some of the biggest reasons.  But as I often have told my kids, with anger I’m only hurting myself. This was repeated to my kids quite a bit as they …

“What do You have to Offer?” (Greg Wasinski)

Gregory Wasinski FAITH 180, Featured

In this segment, Greg Wasinski, Inspirational Speaker & Author, gives insight to the story of the Feeding of the 5,000 and how it relates to our lives. Christ is asking us what we have to offer every day to “feed” others by our story. The exception is, Jesus is not just looking for the great things, he wants all of …