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Can you give God one minute of your day? Just as important, are you willing to allow yourself one minute a day to pause and take the time you need to gain perspective? Truth is, if you spent fifteen minutes a day in prayer or simple reflection with God, it’s still only roughly 1% of your day.



got a minute? offers (52) one-minute reflections with a simple, yet effective faith-based message no matter where you are in your relationship with God. It focuses on a very real look at the situations we experience in life.

got a minute? shares one single theme per week, instead of something new every day. We all need time to allow a message to marinate within us to have a lasting effect. Whether it’s noticing God for the first time ever in your life or seeing Him in new ways, this devotional will make you think about your faith journey differently than you have before.

So now, God’s saying to you, “Hi there, got a minute?”