Unconditionally: Finding Jesus in the Eucharist


With a combination of relevant insights, personal reflection, scripture passages and catechism references, Greg Wasinski offers an inspiring illustration of the ways we are accepted, connected, forgiven, led, loved and redeemed through the Eucharist. In all that He gives us, we are connected to the living God. Let this be the jump start needed to encounter the person of Jesus Christ in new ways while surrendering to the grace poured into you through His body, blood, soul and divinity each time you receive Him at Holy Communion.



Unconditionally: Finding Jesus in the Eucharist reminds Catholic Christians of all ages, in various stages of faith formation, of the amazing gifts found in the source and summit of the faith. This practical and down-to-Earth examination calls us to look beyond the appearance of the communion host and draw our attention to the attributes and fruits of Jesus we receive in the Sacrament. This book will help readers understand that no matter who are or where we have been, we experience Jesus’ unconditional love in the Eucharist. We only need to be willing to accept it.


Customer Reviews:

  • Unconditionally Finding Jesus in the Eucharist by Greg Wasinski, is a beautifully written book about understanding the intimate union with Christ when we receive His Body and Blood. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this book has a message of love from Jesus and how you can feel His presence and be one with Him. It is thought provoking, spiritually deep, and has a beautiful prayer and reflection at the end of every chapter. It has transformed my thoughts and prayers not only in my daily life, but in those quiet moments of prayer before and after I receive Holy Communion. Greg enlightened and reminded me of the incredible gift of the presence of Jesus in receiving the Eucharist and it escalated my faith to a new level. Greg also includes a chapter dedicated to the Eucharistic prayer “Anima Christi”, where he embraces this encompassing prayer and what each line represents in our faith. In summary, there is so much to ponder when you read this book. It’s more than a one time read, it’s a treasure of beautiful thoughts and prayers that will renew and strengthen your faith!
  • Wonderfully inspiring book! Greg’s insight and explanations of the various ways and means that Jesus offers himself to us is tremendous. Each chapter brings to us to a greater understanding of how much we ARE LOVED by Jesus and how His dying for us allows us to grow closer to Him through the Eucharist.
    The way Greg shares his insight, references to scripture and the catechism is extremely comforting and inspiring. His personal reflections at the end of each chapter are an excellent template for paving a path to a better understanding and acceptance of the love Jesus has for all of us.
    Unconditionally is an awesome read which brings us to better relationship with our Lord, and the love He has for us, how through the Eucharist we can be with Him always.You will not be disappointed in this book, uplifting, inspirational and a great way to reaffirm in us the love of Jesus!
  • This gives the reader an incredible, new, personal look at the Eucharist. The author touched my heart and mind with his analogies, making me look deeper into things I have taken for granted in the past. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a fresh look at the core of our faith, the Eucharist.