Ep 507 “Far From Perfect”

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast, Featured

What is stopping you from starting the one thing that has been on your heart or mind? Is it a project, exercise/nutrition, a dream, or your relationship with God? Many times we want everything to be “just right,” – perfect. Life never offers us the perfect time to do anything, we have to seize the moment and make beauty of …

Ep 506 Starving Myself

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast

Self-care and personal time are not optional… they are vital for our heart to be fed. What happens when we realize that what we’ve been doing to solve our problems is only masking them and starving our soul in the process? Staying busy to help our minds cope with the stress of life only remains useful if we are living …

Ep 505 “The Jesus Revolution”

Elizabeth Peterson Faith & Real Life Podcast

“The Jesus Revolution” Recently I watched the movie Jesus Revolution with Kelsey Grammer (Chuck Smith) and Jonathan Roumie (Lonnie Frisbee) about the powerful movement in 1968, beginning at Calvary Chapel. I was reminded we are all looking for “something.” We search for it till we find it, from both a participant and a leadership perspective. People can sometimes look for …

Ep 504 “No, Really, How Are You?”

Elizabeth Peterson Faith & Real Life Podcast

Distractions and busyness in our days cause us to stop asking meaning and important questions to those we care about. We have to look at the ways we move beyond a greeting and intentionally stop, providing the presence someone needs to feel valued. On the flip side, when others in our inner circle inquire about our true well=being, we must …

EP: 503 “Squish Like Grape” – Commitment

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast

Includes four suggestions to help you commit to a more consistent relationship with God. Host, Greg Wasinski, skims the surface for us to develop a life committed to our passions and our relationship with God. Walking in the middle of the road will never yield the results we are looking to achieve. All of us must be confident in our …

EP: 502 “Raising Sunshine” with Guest Ariane Sroubek

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast

EP:502 – “Raising Sunshine” Guest Ariane Sroubek “If Heaven isn’t real, I don’t think I can do this.” Host, Greg Wasinski, talks with Doctor of Psychology and Author, Ariane Sroubek, about the loss of her infant child and the journey it took her on to not only handle her own grief, but also the grief of her older daughter in …


Greg Wasinski Blog

While reading Mark’s Gospel this week on Thursday, Jesus asked the question of the disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” I have reflected on this many times and devoted a whole chapter in my last book on this, yet this time when I heard it, I focused on Peter’s response to Jesus.

7 Pathways to Companionship

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast

We all have relationships that need some sort of healing. Situations where we struggle to forgive but know we need to offer mercy. But, how can we begin the process of mending a bridge that is broken or damaged in some way with someone who has hurt us? Greg Wasinski discusses 7 different ways we can utilize in various ways …

Episode 404: Quietly Quitting

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast

Stemming from a sermon given by Rev. Billy Graham, Podcast Host, Greg Wasinski, goes deeper into one of the latest buzz phrases: “Quiet Quitting.” While this trend is related solely to work life, we base it off all relationships we experience, including the one we have with God. Billy Graham defined tells us that “we’ve become a neighborhood without becoming …