"No one has ever explained the Eucharist to me like this before. I only wish I would have looked at it this way my entire life."

~June, Manchester, CT (91 years old)
UNCONDITIONALLY: is a practical and down to earth examination that calls us to look beyond the appearance of the communion host, and draw our attention to the attributes and fruits of Jesus we receive in the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Greg Wasinski offers an inspiring illustration of the ways we are accepted, connected, forgiven, loved, and redeemed through the Eucharist.

Let this be the jump start needed to encounter the person of Jesus Christ in new ways.

Night ONE 

UNFULFILLED? “Being You” focuses on recognizing YOUR unique gifts from God & how you are called to change the world.

Greg relates scripture stories to your personal gifts and talents, challenges you to find God in the highs & lows of everyday life and reminds you of the true beauty of the Catholic faith and all the Eucharist provides for us.

Night TWO

ANXIOUS? “Moving Forward” gives you the tools and prayers to use when you are faced with a crisis or challenge in your faith.  

Greg empowers you to dig deeper, challenges you to make a stronger commitment and renews your passion for the Eucharist.


LOST? “Finding Jesus” motivates you to include and invite Jesus in each and every moment of your life.

Greg unpacks the attributes of Jesus we receive in the Eucharist and how they bind us deeply in our faith, ending the mission with guided Eucharistic Adoration.


  • In-personal weekend Mass invitations before the mission
  • All marketing materials + Personalized Video invite to your parishioners
  • Adoration Plan (Night 2 or 3)
  • Books available for purchase


  • Day school presentations
  • Ministry Leader workshop
  • Staff Retreat Day
"Greg Wasinski has a profound love for our Catholic faith and as a layman the ability to communicate that very effectively to our people. With real stories and experiences, he keeps everyone's attention every night."
~Fr. Frank Kosem, Pastor, Elyria, OH