Episode 604 – “Transformation” with Guest Kurt Treu

Greg Wasinski Faith & Real Life Podcast, Featured

Transformation at its core takes surrender and the acknowledgment of everything holding us back from living our dreams. Greg Wasinski talks with Certified Coach, Kurt Treu about his path from business leadership to business coaching over a decade ago. His life-giving work found its roots with The Executive Reinvention Program founder, Tracy Goss (Author, The Last Word on Power) to help thousands of clients identify their winning strategy and break the limits it places on them as time goes on. During this conversation, you will learn what the strategy entails while seeing how it relates to our need to include God in all of it.

For more information about Kurt Treu and his professional development, visit   / kurttreu  

Greg Wasinski is a full-time Catholic Christian Evangelist and Author who has traveled the country since 2009, sharing a message of hope through faith. He has presented in over 125 cities across 28 states and two countries. His podcasts and video blogs have been seen worldwide, inspiring others to commit more deeply to a relationship with God and helping the faithful better understand “why we believe what we believe.” For more information, visit: www.GregWasinski.com

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