Written Reflections


Prayer Plans…

When we want to get things accomplished in life we plan them out. Whether it’s an exercise routine, our task list at work, or even simply going through the calendar of our day to day to errands so we can […]


Throwing Seeds…

We’re reminded that the work we do for God isn’t about us seeing the results. As the quote by Robert Louis Stevenson goes “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” Our […]


Drifting Away…

If you’ve ever been swimming in the ocean, riding the waves, you know the current can pull you to one side over time. You really don’t even know it’s happening. Finally, when you look up, you see your umbrella is […]


Peace Be with You…

Peace be with you. You might have just said without thinking, “and with your Spirit.” It’s just a natural response. But I want to highlight how this is the ultimate phrase of comfort from our Lord. After Jesus’ death, the […]


Unite with Christ…

We have longed asked the question, why bad things happen to good people. Even as Christians, it’s hard to make sense of life when we, or people we love, are struggling, ill, or hurt. As St. Paul tells the Hebrews […]


New Year, Same You…

I have become mind-blowingly aware of the number of programs and resources that exist to help us “re-make” the person we are: Methods of self-help guaranteed to change us. Church “all-inclusive” packages that are “the way” we will encounter God […]



This time of year many childhood traditions come rushing back into our hearts. It might be the smell of the turkey as it’s served or the ornaments we unwrap as we put up our Christmas decorations. Without fail, something will […]


Encounter the Mass

Living our faith isn’t only reserved for what happens outside of church. Opening our hearts and minds while we’re present for liturgy on Sundays is just as important. Yes, showing up at the church is step one, but being a […]


Honey Bees

Nine years ago while sharing my witness of faith, the logo for our ministry became a honey bee. We display it everywhere and on everything as the reminder to “be who God created you to be.” Even in the catholic […]


One Reason…

Aimee and I held hands at Victory Life Church in Akron, OH, sitting next to a few other friends from college, on a warm summer morning, in 2012. We had gathered to celebrate the life of our college friend who […]

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